Groups Fundraising Off Rittenhouse Trial

The homicide trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, who was acquitted on Friday, led to fundraising emails from both his supporters and critics as the jury deliberated earlier this week, The New York Times reports.

Rittenhouse’s mother, Wendy Rittenhouse, wrote a message in a fundraising appeal sent by a group of her son’s supporters looking for donations to a fund that would cover the family’s legal expenses. 

“Both the prosecution and my son Kyle’s defense team have finished their closing arguments and I am beyond nervous,” she wrote in the email, which was released on Tuesday.

“This corrupt persecution has been extremely difficult, and I’m reaching out with an emergency request to help ensure it doesn’t bury us,” she went on to say. “We’re already expecting legal costs of about $110,000 for November, but if we can find 2,500 people to donate over the next 48 hours, we should be okay.”

Another email for the fund included the signature of David A. Clarke, the former Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, sheriff who later joined a political action committee supporting former President Donald Trump. 

The trial also led to the progressive group The Collective PAC sending a fundraising message in support of Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison’s reelection campaign.

“The truth is that violent white supremacists like Rittenhouse will continue to inflict senseless violence across the country if we don’t hold them accountable,” the email reads. “That starts with electing people who will actually fight for justice.”

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