LA Police Identify Gangs in ‘Follow Home’ Robberies

Los Angeles Police continued to look for suspects Nov. 19 in a series of home invasion crimes hitting the city and surrounding areas and have identified six gangs involved in the crimes.

Residents are cautioned to be aware of their surroundings as detectives pursued leads in the “follow home robberies.”

Police have not yet arrested anyone in connection to the robberies.

Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) detectives have identified at least six Los Angeles street gangs that have so far been involved, LAPD reported. Detectives identified the gangs among those involved in some of the 110 incidents, but they are not certain all incidents are related, the department reported.

In some of the incidents, the victims and neighbors captured the possible robbery suspects on video, which is helpful, LAPD spokesperson Officer Rosario Cervantes told The Epoch Times.

“That’s always helpful if residents have cameras in their homes. That’s always helpful for detectives,” Cervantes said.

Suspects are reportedly targeting victims in Los Angeles, following them, and then robbing them as they arrive home or to their business.

The victims were targeted for their jewelry, the car they were driving, or expensive clothing. Suspects have followed several victims back to their homes from Melrose Avenue, the Jewelry District, high-end restaurants, and nightclubs in the Hollywood and Wilshire areas, LAPD reported.

Last weekend, victims in the Fairfax district were followed back to a short-term rental they had rented on North Gardner Street.

Peter Nichols, president of the Melrose Action Neighborhood Watch, told KCAL9 News the incident was “shocking.”

“Our whole area was up, there were helicopters here,” Nichols said. “We’ve been working so diligently on trying to clean up crime in the business district so for this to occur in the residential area is totally shocking.”

The next day, a couple was held at gunpoint in their driveway on North 1st Street in Upland. Police reported that the couple was apparently followed home after eating at a restaurant in Hollywood, the Upland Police Department reported.

A home video captured the robbery in this case. The suspects reportedly drove a white, newer-model Mercedes sedan and a white Ford Mustang with a black top.

Celebrity Dorit Kemsley of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” reported Oct. 27 she was followed to her Encino home by two men wearing masks. A home video showed the men smashing sliding glass doors to gain entry before taking as much as $1 million in valuables, police reported.

Former BET host “Terrence J” Jenkins was followed to his Sherman Oaks home at about 3 a.m. Nov. 10 by four masked men in a silver Jeep Cherokee, police reported. He and a passenger drove away, instead, and were followed by the suspects. Shots were fired but no one was injured, according to reports.

Another robbery related to the incidents occurred in Claremont Nov. 9, after the victims were followed home from the Los Angeles Jewelry District, Claremont Police Department reported.

LAPD issued a list of recommendations for area residents to help avoid becoming victims of the “follow home robberies.” Police suggested residents should not display jewelry or other “high-value” property and to be aware of their surroundings when walking out of a restaurant or other place of business.

“Just always be aware of your surroundings especially coming into the holiday season,” Cervantes said. “Like, when you’re shopping don’t leave all your bags in the car. Don’t leave anything of value in your vehicles or anything of value around your house.”

Drivers should call 911 if they think they are being followed and, if possible, drive to the nearest police station, LAPD said.

For more safety information or to report a crime, call 909-399-5411.


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