Kissinger Does Not See China as Military Threat to Taiwan

Despite talk, aggressions, and U.S. warnings, China is not going to make a move against Taiwan, according to former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, 98.

“I don’t expect an all-out attack on Taiwan in, say, a 10-year period, which is as far as I can see,” Kissinger told CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS” on Sunday.

Kissinger was among the first in America to open relations with China and leads Kissinger Associates, which is an international consulting group that has ties to business in China.

“Everyone wants to be a China hawk,” Kissinger told host Zakaria. “Everyone assumes that China is determined to dominate the world, that that is its primary objective.”

Kissinger did admit the U.S. should challenge its next closest world military and economic superpower, “but there should not necessarily be an automatic rivalry in competition.”

Kissinger hailed President Joe Biden for trying to find common ground with the Chinese in a virtual meeting with President Xi Jinping this week.

I think Biden began to move in a direction of a different tone,” Kissinger said. “That does not mean it is yielding to China; it is to try to find a level in which we can talk about those things that are known to be common.”

Kissinger noted still China is not going to back down on Taiwan.

“I believe that the ultimate joining of Taiwan and China, the ultimate creation of one China, is the objective of Chinese policy, as it has been since the creation of the current regime and that it probably would be in any Chinese government since Taiwan has been considered a historic part of China that was taken away by Japan, by force,” Kissinger said.

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