Turkey Farm Owners to Newsmax: Feed, Other Costs Drove Up Supply Prices

The rising cost of feed and other supplies has driven up the price it costs to produce turkeys for this Thanksgiving’s dinners, and the pain is being felt by shoppers, many of whom had a hard time even getting the centerpiece bird for their tables this year, Kyle and Deanna Scott, the owners of the Old Glory Farm in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, tell Newsmax

“All of our costs have gone up for producing the turkeys that we produce,” Deanna Scott said on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America.” “Our feed costs have gone up. Our shipping costs have gone up. The gas has gone up. Everything has gone up; our processing, even purchasing the baby pullets has gone up everything.”

Those costs have to be passed on to customers or “we will be out of business,” she added, also pointing out that the cost of feed alone has gone up by 24% this year.

The family-run farm specializes in free-range turkeys, and Kyle Scott said the biggest cost increase this year has been the processing at the end of the turkeys’ lives, as that is “strictly labor-related” and the costs have gone up “tremendously.”

On Tuesday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki downplayed the reports about the rising prices for turkeys and claimed that there was an “abundance” of turkeys available for not much more money than in years past. 

“I find that kind of laughable,” said Kyle Scott. “There’s a lot that goes into making that feed for the turkeys and as they get older, they eat more and more and more, and that increased our feed bill tremendously, and I doubt President [Joe] Biden has too much concern over that, like she said he did.”

There was also a turkey shortage this year, said Deanna Scott. 

“We’ve never in prior years had customers come to us, basically begging for a turkey because they don’t have one after the rug was pulled out from under them by the grocery store they placed an order with months ago,” she said. “They were told last week that they don’ thave a turkey for them. That has never happened. We’ve never had customers like this where they’re just desperate for one, and they’re begging us to call them if someone doesn’t pick up.”

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