Journalists at NYT’s Wirecutter Strike Over Salaries on Busiest Day of Year

Journalists at The New York Times’ Wirecutter unit plan to strike during the product review website’s peak traffic around Black Friday and through Cyber Monday, the site’s most profitable time of the year, reports The Wall Street Journal.  

The group of 65 unionized workers is demanding higher minimum salaries and annual raises from The New York Times’ management. They walked off the job Thursday amid a standoff with management about the terms of their contract, the union said in a tweet.

“This is the time of the year that we really work for months and months and months,” Wirecutter Union unit chair Nick Guy told the Journal. “I think it is an appropriate time to really show the value that we do bring to the company.

“The past two years of bargaining have only reinforced what our unit is worth. Wirecutter contributes significantly to the Times’ hearty bottom line, and that figure is growing as we reach a much larger audience and increase our revenue with subscriptions.”

In a statement to The Hill, The New York Times said it has “a long history of productive relationships with unions to advance our shared objectives.”

“We’re actively working with the Wirecutter Union to reach a collective bargaining agreement that continues to reward our employees for their work and contributions to The Times’s success, and we look forward to continuing those negotiations at the bargaining table in early December,” said Danielle Rhoades Ha, vice president of communications at the Times.

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