Gifted 11-Year-Old Boy With Autism and ADHD Gets Accepted at Arizona State University

A gifted 11-year-old, who has overcome the limitations of disability to chase his dream of becoming a pediatric neurologist, has earned a spot to study biochemistry at Arizona State University. Jimi Hernandez, who goes by “Monty,” has high-functioning autism, ADHD, a connective tissue disorder, and ascending aortic aneurism, a potentially life-threatening heart defect that requires surgery. However, despite his medical challenges, the preteen is also a calculus whizz and a member of the high-IQ society Mensa. “Monty’s education, as well as other kids that are bright yet have challenges, is a difficult and touchy subject,” mom Danielle Roberts-Hernandez told The Epoch Times. “There are a lot of emotions that the subject brings up in us parents; there is a lot of rejection.” Yet, after a disappointing false start with the Honor College at Grand Canyon University (GCU) in Phoenix, Monty’s potential was recognized by Arizona State (ASU). He’ll be 12 when …

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