Christmas Crackdown in China on Underground Churches; ‘Why I Had to Leave China:’ Dr. Graceffo

“Then the police came on campus and they had all the teachers come in and fill out a religious declaration form. They wanted to know what our religion was, and they were warning us again, not to celebrate.”

After completing his Ph.D. at Shanghai University, Dr. Anthony Graceffo found the communist impositions on his life untenable to the point that he had to leave China.

In this episode, he reflects on his own experiences of “faith crackdowns,” in the context of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ban on Christmas 2021.

How does this and the recent turning back of an American Delta flight that was intended to land in Shanghai fit into the CCP’s so-called “zero-COVID” policy? And what possible underlying motives are at play with zero-COVID?

Dr. Graceffo is a China economist, contributor to The Epoch Times, and author of “Beyond the Belt and Road: China’s Global Expansion” and “The Wrestler’s Dissertation.”


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