House Judiciary GOP Members Question COVID Booster Shot Efficacy

House Judiciary Committee Republicans on Thursday questioned the efficacy of COVID-19 booster shots as the country sees a surge in infections due to the omicron variant.

“If the booster shots work, why don’t they work?” tweeted the House Judiciary GOP, which is led by ranking member Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio.

Later, the House Judiciary GOP tweeted a comment while sharing an ABC News post from Wednesday night saying the U.S. was averaging more COVID cases per day than at any other point in the pandemic.

“Good job, @JoeBiden.” the House Judiciary GOP tweeted Thursday afternoon.

The U.S. on Thursday produced a record average of 355,990 new COVID infections every day during the previous seven-day period week, CNN reported Friday.

Jordan, a strong supporter of former President Donald Trump, has criticized President Joe Biden for his response to the pandemic and for his COVID vaccine mandates.

During a Dec. 19 appearance in Dallas with commentator Bill O’Reilly, Trump said he had received a COVID-19 vaccine booster shot.

The former president a few days later told New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman that he confessed to having received the booster because he “must tell the truth.”

“Maggie — Must tell the truth,” Trump wrote, “and very proud to have produced the 3 vaccines so quickly — Millions of lives saved worldwide. Best Wishes Donald.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that roughly 62% of the country is fully vaccinated, but only about 33.4% of fully vaccinated adults have received their booster shots.

Earlier this month, Jordan told Newsmax that a “common sense and plain reading” of the Constitution by the courts would throw out Biden’s employer vaccine mandates.

“I think the Constitution is going to win,” Jordan said on ”Spicer & Co.” “I think the courts are going to interpret the Constitution in the way anyone with common sense and plain reading would interpret it. So, that’s why you’re seeing so many courts agree with us that this is an unconstitutional mandate placed on the American people.”

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