2 Hurt During Mall of America Shooting in Minnesota

Two men were hurt Friday after a shooting that followed an altercation at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, police said.

Bloomington Police Deputy Chief Kim Clausen said one shot was fired in the mall around 5 p.m. CST that struck one man in the leg, and grazed a second man, following an altercation with a third man who is the suspected shooter.

Police from the department were patrolling the mall when they heard the shot and responded to the area within a minute, Clausen said.

When they arrived, they saw one man who had a gunshot wound in his leg, and a second man that was grazed by the bullet, she said.

The officers administered first aid to the man with the leg wound, and he was transported to Hennepin County Medical Center for treatment, while the other man who was grazed was treated at the scene and released, she said.

“We did have officers working [at] the mall,” she said. “One of the officers heard one shot fired [on the third floor of the north end of the mall], and that was reported immediately to mall security as well.”

Clausen said the mall immediately went into lockdown within a minute of the shooting.

Mall of America Vice President of Communications Dan Jasper said the mall had procedures in place for such an event “for years.”

“We practice lockdown every single month at Mall of America, and all of our tenants participate,” Jasper said. “Every month we practice a lockdown where the tenants, they gather guests into their space and lock the space.”

Jasper said the mall developed the program working closely with Bloomington police, and saw it work well during the incident.

He said the lockdown lasted about 45 minutes before security and police said it was “clear.”

Police did not recover any weapons or make any arrests yet.

Clausen said the incident is very concerning to the department because of how brazen it was to take out a gun inside the mall, at that time of day, and on a busy holiday weekend.

“We have a very proud tradition of being very aggressive with our investigations,” she said. “This isn’t something we want to see here.”

According to the organization, the mall opened in 1992 and contains 5.6 million square-feet of building space that hosts about 40 million visitors a year.

Each level of the mall has around 1.5 miles in walking distance, and the facility holds more than 520 stores.

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