VP Harris’ New Hire Claims Bush ‘Stole’ 2000 Election From Gore

Vice President Kamala Harris’ new hire for communications, Jamal Simmons, who worked for Democratic presidential nominee Al Gore in the 2000 presidential race, thinks former President George W. Bush’s first term was illegitimate and stolen from Gore, according to Breitbart.

“I worked for Gore 2000 & believe W’s 1st term to have been illegitimate. Yet when in the room w/him I stood and gave ofc respect,” Simmons tweeted in 2012

And in 2017, Simmons declared again that Bush’s time in office was illegitimate. “I worked for Gore. Thought W was illegitimate. Still stood for him in respect for office. Members of Congress should go to inauguration,” Simmons tweeted a day before Congress certified the election win of former President Donald Trump. 

And in 2021, as President Joe Biden entered into his inauguration, Simmons again claimed that Bush stole the election from Gore. 

“I thought W stole the 2000 elex but I still stood when he entered a room,” Simmons tweeted, before adding that “the Trump vs Biden equivalency is wrong. Trump was an anti-Democratic huckster grifting the country while unleashing our demons. Biden is the #Democratic version of McCain – a good man I disagreed with.” 

Last week Simmons was announced as Harris’ communications director. But Simmons’ hire comes in light of the vice president’s former communication director, Ashley Etienne, stepping down after reports came out of office mistreatment amongst unnamed staff. 

On Thursday, during a speech Harris gave regarding Jan. 6, she decried claims of Biden stealing the election from Trump. 

“We cannot let our future be decided by those bent on silencing our voices, overturning our votes and peddling lies and misinformation, by some radical faction that may be newly resurgent, but whose roots run old and deep,” Harris stated.


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