NYC Councilwoman Who Compared Vax Mandate to Nazi Germany to Meet With Jewish Groups

A New York City Council member has apologized after comparing the city’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate to policies in Nazi Germany.

In an interview with NY1, Vickie Paladino, a Republican who represents a portion of the borough of Queens, likened the city’s proof of vaccination for entry to certain places to the Nazis’ infamous checking of papers.

Paladino told the outlet that ”it’s just nobody’s business whether I am or not. See, it’s called medical freedom. I don’t need to show you my papers,” she said. ”This is not Nazi Germany.”

Paladino then apologized on Twitter and vowed to meet with local Jewish community members, stating that ”[D]uring an hours-long interview with a reporter in which I spoke passionately about many issues, I made an ill-considered and inappropriate comparison between our government’s vaccine mandates and Nazi Germany.

”Though I immediately regretted what I said, and even asked the reporter to strike it from the record, I take complete ownership of that mistake.”

”While my intent was to illustrate that requiring residents to show medical papers to earn a living or do everyday activities is an authoritarian practice that does not align with this country’s principles, it is never okay to compare anything to the evil of Nazi Germany.

”I apologize to those who were genuinely offended by my comment, and will be meeting with local Jewish leaders and my friends in the Jewish community in the coming days to discuss this matter.

”I remain committed to fighting the authoritarian mandates in this city, supporting law enforcement, and working every day to improve my district,” the statement concluded.

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