NYC Mayor Adams Demotes Brother Amid Nepotism Criticism

The brother of New York City Mayor Eric Adams had a short-lived stint as deputy commissioner of the New York Police Department.

Bernard Adams, 56, was demoted from the role Wednesday, The New York Times reported, after the mayor had come under fire for giving his brother a prime position in his administration.

Instead of the usual $240,000 salary of NYPD commissioner, Bernard Adams will be the executive director of mayoral security at $210,000, according to the report.

When pressed on the original role for his brother, a former NYPD sergeant and most recently the assistant director for parking at Virginia Commonwealth University, Mayor Adams pointed to the dangers of white supremacy and “anarchists” as needing to have his brother leading his security, the Times reported.

“Personal security — my life, my life — I want in the hands of my brother with his 20-year law enforcement experience,” Adams said Sunday. “He has the police experience, but he also has the personal experience. He knows his brother, and he’s going to keep his brother safe.”

After the New York Post exclusively reported the oversized role for the mayor’s brother, only then did City Hall officials reach out to the Conflict of Interest Board on Jan. 7.

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