The Emerging Dystopia, a Combination of Orwellian Tyranny and Huxleian Self-Indulgence

“We sit squarely in the middle of an absurdist drama.”

Two years into this pandemic, we are living in a new world. And increasingly, we are seeing, perhaps, an emerging cocktail of tyranny that combines an Orwellian tyranny with the self-indulgence and passive obedience described in Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World,” says author, journalist, and essayist Walter Kirn.

Tonight, we try to make more sense of our current political and cultural moment, from lockdowns to mandates, and how we got here.

“The results are in. The rich got richer, and they got richer faster than ever before. And they seem, it would appear, to have almost a rooting interest in this new status quo. Because why should they voluntarily retire from the business of getting richer?”

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