NY Post: Disgraced Andrew Cuomo Plotting Comeback With TV Ad

Disgraced former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is making another play for New Yorkers’ hearts and minds.

The New York Post reports that Cuomo is plotting a political comeback with an ad claiming he’s been exonerated from charges he sexually harassed multiple women.

Cuomo was forced to resign last summer as the multiple charges of sexual harrassment exploded. The mushrooming scandal also ended the CNN careers of his brother Chris Cuomo and the head of the network, Jeff Zucker, after charges emerged they were coaching and advising him through the scandal.

Cuomo’s campaign confirmed to the Post that it had commissioned “a number of ads” in response to questions from the paper after it discovered one of the commercials.

The 30-second spot obtained by The Post reportedly uses “snippets from TV reports about the outcomes in those cases to bolster Cuomo’s continued claims of exoneration.”

It’s all pegged on recent decisions by five district attorneys to not bring charges against Cuomo for sexual harassment for technical reasons.

The Post reports, however, that the ad it obtained “makes no mention of the fact that those officials also said their investigations affirmed the credibility of the women who brought the allegations – and one DA even said although there wasn’t sufficient “legal basis” to bring charges, dropping the case was ‘not an exoneration.'”

Sources told the Post that the ad would start running on Monday. On the same day, Cuomo’s political action committee is apparently planning to run commercials on New York television stations.

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