Pentagon: US Seeking Ways to Get ‘Lethal Assistance’ to Ukraine

The Pentagon is looking into ways to get further security assistance to Ukraine as its government confronts a massive Russian invasion in Kyiv and the airspace is ”contested,” making it difficult to get aid there by air.

”I’ll be very clear here: We are going to provide additional security assistance for Ukraine,” Pentagon press secretary John Kirby told reporters in a Friday briefing. ”We will. How that is going to be done is still being worked out.

”And we’re very actively engaged in those efforts to help them better defend themselves through both lethal and nonlethal assistance.”

In well-publicized arms shipments ahead of the Russian onslaught, the United States flew in tranches of military hardware for Ukraine’s armed forces. Russian President Vladimir Putin has since warned against foreign interference in the conflict.

”We’re continuing to look for ways to support Ukraine to defend themselves,” Kirby said.

”The airspace over Ukraine is contested. The Russians don’t have superiority of it, it’s contested,” he added.

With Putin’s threat, contested airspace, and dangers of U.S. forces providing aid to Ukraine in a live war zone, Kirby was unwilling to get specific on plans to get aid to Ukraine.

”I have not been detailing for any of you each and every package, each and every shipment, because I think you can understand, and it’s particularly relevant now, that Ukraine is involved in a no-kidding invasion of their country,” Kirby said.

”We wouldn’t want to put it out there in the public space everything that they’re getting from the United States.”

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