Trade Group: No, Stoli, Smirnoff Are Not Russian Vodka Imports

While social media has been abuzz of Americans boycotting Russian vodka and pouring out their Stoli and Smirnoff bottles amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a trade group spokesman noted Sunday these brands are not imported from Russia.

Stolichnaya, aka Stoli, is distilled in Latvia, while Smirnoff is fully owned by Diageo, with no ties to Russia, and the Smirnoff consumed in the U.S. is made in Plainfield, Illinois, according to the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States.

“Some of the popular vodka brands consumers may think are Russian are not produced in Russia,” Senior Vice President of Public Affairs Lisa Hawkins​ told Newsmax in a statement. “There is not a lot of Russian-made vodka in the U.S. marketplace. Imports of Russian vodka to the United States are down nearly 79% since 2011, and accounted for only 1.3% of total vodka imports in 2021.”

In 2021, there was $1,413,959,643 worth of vodka imported into the U.S., according to the council.

Russia was a distant sixth on total dollars of vodka imported into the U.S. last year ($18,498,015). Latvia, where Stoli is distilled, was fourth ($137,122,6870).

The leading vodka importer is France ($660,494,286) by a wide margin, which exports the popular Grey Goose brand, along with Cîroc.

Top 10 Vodka Imports 2021, according to the council:

  1. France $660,494,286.
  2. Netherlands $290,975,070.
  3. Sweden $176,729,847.
  4. Latvia $137,122,687.
  5. Poland $63,178,143.
  6. Russia $18,498,015.
  7. Canada $15,165,337.
  8. Iceland $10,110,445.
  9. United Kingdom $7,516,434.
  10. Finland $6,723,183.

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