Russia’s Sleeper Agents in Ukraine Identified

Soon after Russia invaded Ukraine on the night of March 24, painted “X” signs began appearing in all major Ukrainian cities.

These “X” signs were often alongside objects that looked like hand held mirrors.

Ukrainian sources tell Newsmax these markers were “everywhere” just before bombing began.

Now Ukrainian defense forces know that Putin had deployed sleeper agents into cities well before the war started to mark buildings, roads and key infrastructure with luminescent markers to improve air strike accuracy along with “anchors” to improve missile strike precision.

So far, Russia’s objective of “decapitating” Ukraine’s democratically elected government by launching a multi-pronged attack has been a disaster.

Apparently, Russia’s covert plan to target civilians and other targets in cities had been planned months in advance.

The Lviv Regional Government in Western Ukraine said sleeper agents began infiltrating major cities back in December. Then, they waited for their mission.

Videos and photographs taken by local news agencies, independent grassroots journalists, ordinary citizens, army personnel and civilian militias have documented such sabotage efforts across the country.

News agencies and grassroots journalists used social media, news reports and Telegram channels to inform citizens and caution them to stay vigilant and destroy the markers.

Citizens have reported them to local authorities and, militias, armed en masse by the government, continue to catch and interrogate the saboteurs.

“These persons are used to improve the accuracy of bombings and for sabotage operations, they can be armed,” read a statement from Ukraine’s legislature.

One video shows a man marking a gas pipe on a residential building, likely to ensure maximum destruction if a missile is launched.

Countless others show the interrogation of the agents by citizens and army personnel.

The number of such agents and markers is uncertain.

According to police in Vinnytsia, a city in west central Ukraine, sleeper agents have been adapting their strategy using cell phones.

“The enemy knows that Ukrainians are destroying the markers,” the police statement read.

“Now, they’re using phones with location services turned on. We implore everyone to turn your location off. This is very serious. A turned on location could cost you your life.”

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