Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vows No Capitulation to Russia

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has vowed that his country will not surrender to Russia, as negotiations with Moscow over de-escalating the crisis begin on Monday, CNBC reported.

“Ukraine is ready to continue seeking a diplomatic solution, but Ukraine is not ready to surrender or capitulate.” Kuleba said as the talks started in Belarus.

Kuleba, who said Ukraine wants an immediate cease-fire and the withdrawal of Russian forces that invaded last week, was unconvinced the negotiations would be successful.

“I’m a diplomat, I have to believe in the success of talks, but at the same time my main goal as a diplomat now is to impose more sanctions on Russia, to bring more weapons to Ukraine and to isolate Russia as much as we can in the international arena, so I’m focused on this part of diplomacy,” Kuleba said, adding that “we stand not only for ourselves but for the world order as we all know it.”

Western nations have imposed sanctions on Russia’s economy and financial transactions, including those connected to its central bank, which has helped cause the ruble to plummet some 30% against the dollar.

The Ukrainian foreign minster stressed that it was of vital importance for the international community to be united in “taking a firm, consolidated stance” against Russia’s financial transactions, noting that “every ruble has a mark of Ukrainian blood on it.”

Kuleba said ordinary Russians would bear the brunt of volatility in the currency, emphasizing that “the people of Russia are shocked and they already realize how much they suffer from this unjustified aggression triggered by President [Vladimir] Putin.”

On Sunday, he called on Russians to demand from their President to halt the war, according to Republicworld.

“I think you have a very simple tool to stop this madness … [and] save your country. … Demand from Putin to stop the war, Kuleba said.

“Ukraine has not attacked anyone and does not plan to attack anyone, Kuleba said. “We want to live in peace. But for this, Putin must stop the war and the destruction of the Russian economy, which has already begun, and from which you will suffer.”

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