GOP Leader McCarthy: Biden Should Be Warning Putin, Not Americans

While the Biden administration is warning governors to gear up for a cyberattack from Russian hackers, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., is suggesting President Joe Biden’s warnings should be directed at the enemy instead of Americans.

Russian President Vladimir Putin needs to be warned not to attack the U.S., including cyberhacking critical infrastructure, McCarthy told Fox News’ “Faulkner Focus” on Wednesday.

“This is what makes me so mad about this administration: Don’t tell us there’s a threat — we know there’s a threat — tell Putin that he doesn’t have the right to do it,” McCarthy told host Harris Faulkner.

This is not the first time the presiident is doing more warning of Americans than warning Putin that he will be held accountable for his “war of choice” in Ukraine, McCarthy continued.

“Remember when President Biden said at a press conference in the White House that if Putin just took a little of Ukraine, it wouldn’t be that bad?” McCarthy said. “Gave him the wrong message.

“Remember when President Biden said, ‘well, these are 16 companies Putin cannot go after?’

“No, what he should say to Putin is: Don’t go after any American company. If you do, there will be consequences.”

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