NATO Chief Stoltenberg Warns China of Aiding Russia

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg called on China to stop spreading “blatant lies” about Russia’s unprovoked invasion into Ukraine and live up to its “responsibilities” as a U.N. Security Council member.

“Beijing has joined Moscow in questioning the right of independent nations to choose their own path,” Stoltenberg said Wednesday at a press conference in Brussels. “China has provided Russia with political support, including by spreading blatant lies and disinformation, and allies are concerned that China could provide material support for the Russian invasion.

“I expect leaders will call on China to live up to its responsibilities as a member of the U.N. Security Council — refrain from supporting Russia’s war effort and join the rest of the world in calling for an immediate, peaceful end to this war.”

The Security Council on Wednesday voted to reject a Russian resolution that would have acknowledged Ukraine’s growing humanitarian needs but without mentioning President Vladimir Putin’s invasion that has left millions of Ukrainians in desperate need of food, water, and shelter. Only Russia and China voted in favor of the resolution, with 13 countries abstaining.

“We face a fundamentally changed security alignment,” Stoltenberg said, adding countries such as Russia are prepared “to use force to get their way.”

President Joe Biden joined other leaders at NATO headquarters Thursday to discuss the next steps in dealing with Russia. The leaders are expected to roll out additional sanctions against Moscow on Thursday.

Stoltenberg said there were “hundreds of thousands of allied troops on heightened readiness across the alliance,” including 100,00 U.S. troops in Europe.

The secretary general said he expected NATO leaders to approve the deployment of new battle groups in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia. That, with forces already in the Baltics and Poland, meant there would be eight multinational battle groups in the region.

“We face a new reality for our security. So, we must reset our deterrence and defense for the longer term,” Stoltenberg said.

Stoltenberg added he expected NATO leaders to agree to assist Georgia, and Bosnia, and Herzegovina to “uphold their sovereignty and the right to make independent decisions.”

He also called on Belarus to end its “complicity in Putin’s invasion.”

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