Claim: Russian Officer Run Over by Own Troops

News reports coming out of Ukraine assert that a Russian officer that experienced “many losses” to his unit was deliberately run over with a tank by his own troops.

Sky News Security and Defense Editor Deborah Haynes posted the story on Twitter on Friday, saying that Russian Col. Medvechek, who led the 37 Motor Rifle Brigade, was run over by his own soldiers, citing a “Western official” as the source of the information.

“The brigade commander of one of the units was killed by his own troops and killed by his own troops, we believe, as a consequence of the scale of loss that had been taken by his brigade,” the official told the news outlet.

“That just gives an insight into perhaps some of the morale challenges that Russian forces are having. We believe he was killed by his own troops deliberately. Indeed, we believe he was run over by his own troops, and I believe he was the commander of the 37 Motor Rifle Brigade.”

A New York Post story Thursday identified the colonel as Yuri Medvedev and said that one of his soldiers ran him over with a tank, but that he was being treated at a hospital for leg injuries.

The Post cited Ukrainian journalist Roman Tsimbalyuk for its information.

Despite the differences between the reports regarding the colonel’s name and status, both stories reported that the soldier driving the tank ran over his superior officer because he was upset about the deaths of his fellow soldiers.

Several news outlets post a link to a video allegedly showing Medvedev being taken away on a stretcher and evacuated to a hospital.

Despite those reports, the Daily Mail reported Friday that Medvedev has since died from his wounds.

Newsmax could not independently confirm the colonel’s death.

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