Russia Has Committed 148 Crimes Against Journalists, Media Since War Began: Data

Russia has committed 148 crimes against journalists and the media since it invaded Ukraine one month ago, including the killings of five reporters, according to data compiled by the Institute of Mass Information.

At least five journalists — Ukrainian or foreign correspondents — have been killed while covering the war, including Russian journalist Oksana Baulina, who died Thursday when Russian troops shelled a residential neighborhood in Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv.

Baulina previously worked for Russian opposition leader Alex Navalny’s anti-corruption group.  

Fox News correspondents Pierre Zakrzewski, a camera operator, and Oleksandra Kuvshynova, a Ukrainian producer, were killed on March 14 in the Ukrainian village of Horenka, outside Kyiv, while on assignment.

In a statement, Fox News said that a vehicle carrying Zakrzewski and other journalists with the outlet was ”struck by incoming fire.”

Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs adviser Anton Gerashchenko said in a Telegram post that the tram was attacked by mortars fired by Russian forces, and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on March 16 said the journalists were killed by a Russian artillery strike.

Time’s Brent Renaud, a documentary filmmaker, was shot and killed on March 13 in the Ukrainian city of Irpin, outside of Kyiv, and Yevhenii Sakun, a camera operator for Live, was killed on March 1 when Russian military forces shelled a TV tower in Kyiv. Four others were also killed.

Italian journalist Annalisa Camilli in an interview posted to Twitter said Renaud was shot in the neck after passing through a checkpoint in Irpin.

At least seven journalists in Kyiv, Sumy and Mykolayiv were injured when they were shot or shelled by the Russian occupiers.

Other crimes committed by Russia against the media and journalists in Ukraine include six kidnappings, 11 death threats, 19 cybercrimes, four digital blockades of Ukrainian media in Russia and five incidents of shooting at journalists.

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