Trump, His Adult Sons Agree to Depositions in Class-Action Lawsuit

Former President Donald Trump and his two adult sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, have agreed to sit for depositions later this year as part of an ongoing legal battle, CNN reported on Friday.

The depositions, set to take place in May and June, will be used in a class-action lawsuit  alleging that Trump and his two adult sons used the reality TV show “The Celebrity Apprentice” and other events to promote several alleged marketing scams.

Those listed are the teen marketing company ACN Opportunity, the vitamin and health marketing company Trump Network and a seminar program called Trump Institute.

The lawsuit alleges that the Trumps have sought “to enrich themselves by systematically defrauding economically marginalized people looking to invest in their educations, start their own small business, and pursue the American dream” and “deliberately misled” consumers about the likely success of their investments.

The suit further claims that the Trumps engaged in “a pattern of racketeering activity” and “were aware that the vast majority of consumers would lose whatever money they invested in the business opportunities and training programs” offered by the three companies.

The suit is funded by Tesseract Research Center, a group with ties to Democratic candidates, a spokesman for the law firm Kaplan Hecker & Fink told the network three years ago.

The elder Trump agreed to be deposed on June 16, with Donald Trump Jr. agreeing to a May 10 date and Eric Trump, May 12. A deposition date for the ex-president’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, is yet to be proposed.

Trump’s attorneys have argued that the former president did not own the companies and therefore had no control over their operations, according to CNN.

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