NASA’s Bill Nelson Talks Moon and Beyond

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson detailed his agency’s coming efforts at an address Monday at the Kennedy Space Center.

Nelson said the President Joe biden’s fiscal year 2023 budget would allow NASA to sustain America’s innovation leadership and keep NASA at the forefront of exploration and discovery by returning to the Moon with the Artemis program.

“We’re having this discussion today because President Biden and his administration released this budget request, and it came this morning and NASA’s $26 billion fiscal year budget for ’23. It’s a request from the president, from us, and it is a significant increase over last year’s budget,” Nelson said.

The Biden–Harris Administration Monday submitted to Congress President Biden’s budget for the fiscal year 2023.

Nelson spoke of the Artemis program and efforts to put Americans back on the moon.

“Just last week we announced a plan for more competition to add additional landers to carry astronauts to the lunar surface. We expect to land about once a year for more than a decade. We’re going to put an outpost or something like a station in lunar orbit. It’s going to be in a polar orbit of the Moon, and we’re going to call it Gateway,” Nelson said.


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