Russia: Beijing, Moscow Creating ‘Democratic World Order’

A top-ranking Russian official Wednesday said his country and China are establishing a “democratic world order” in his first visit to Beijing since the invasion of Ukraine, CBS News reports.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in a video released before a meeting with his Chinese counterpart that “we, together with you, and with our sympathizers will move toward a multipolar, just, democratic world order.”

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi added in a statement: “China-Russia relations have withstood the new test of the changing international situation, maintained the correct direction of progress, and shown tenacious development momentum.”

A spokesperson for the Chinese foreign ministry said earlier Wednesday, the two countries are moving forward in “advancing global multipolarity and the democratization of international relations.”

“China-Russia cooperation has no limits,” he said, adding “our striving for peace has no limits, our upholding of security has no limits, our opposition toward hegemony has no limits.”

Russia and China released a joint statement earlier this year, CBS News reported, repledging “their firm mutual support in protecting their fundamental interests, state sovereignty and territorial integrity, and oppose the interference of external forces in their internal affairs.”

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