Foster Father of 5 Turpin Kids Charged With Molesting 2, Torturing All

The foster father of five of the Perris, California, children found living in horrendous conditions with their birth parents in 2018 has been charged with molesting two of them more than 50 times and torturing all five of them, the Daily Mail reports.

Marcelino Olguin, 63, is charged with seven counts of committing a “lewd and lascivious act on a child” and six of torture, the Mail reports. His wife, Rosa, 58, and daughter, Lennys, 37, also face charges.

Marcelino and Rosa Olguin are certified foster carers and were given custody of five of the Turpin children following one of the most notorious cases of child abuse in recent memory.

Their biological parents, David and Louise Turpin, now 60 and 53, are in prison for abusing their 13 children, keeping them locked inside their home, threatening them with death, feeding them only once a day, and allowing them to shower only once a year.

When one daughter escaped in 2018 to call 911, the children were aged 2-29. Police found some of them chained to a wall.

The minor children were placed in foster care, five with the Olguins, but according to charging documents, their lives didn’t improve much with their new foster family.

According to the Mail, Marcelino Olguin is accused of “sexual touching” two of the girls. One was under 14 at the time.

He “told them they were sexy, recommended they not wear undershirts, said they had beautiful skin, forcibly kissed them and pulled a minor on top of him,” wrote investigator Thomas Salisbury in an affidavit.

The Olguins also are alleged to have forced the children to take part in a “confession circle talk” and “admit to their past sibling abuses, which their biological parents forced them to do.”

The talks occurred soon after the children arrived even though the Olguins were aware of the “egregious, lifelong, severe abuses” the children had suffered from their parents.

A male child was repeatedly imprisoned in his bedroom, “cussed at,” “demeaned” and separated from his sisters, according to authorities. The Olguins “intentionally ruined his media devices” as well, Salisbury wrote.

The Olguins had four other foster children, who also were allegedly abused.

Marcelino Olguin could face life in prison if convicted. His wife and daughter are charged with multiple child abuse charges, one witness intimidation charge and one fraud charge.

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