Former Twitter CEO: Company ‘Almost Immediately’ Reversed Decision to Ban NYPost

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says the social media company “almost immediately” reversed the decision to ban The New York Post’s account and keep people from tweeting about the Hunter Biden laptop story, but “we should have also reinstated the account without requiring a delete of the tweet.”

Dorsey made the comment in response to a tweet from a user who accused the company of influencing the election with its action.

His initial tweet read: “I have tried taking a break from Twitter recently, but I must say: the company has always tried to do its best given the information it had. Every decision we made was ultimately my responsibility*. In the cases we were wrong or went too far, we admitted it and worked to correct.

“Some things can be fixed immediately, and others require rethinking and reimplementing the entire system. It is important to me that we get critical feedback in all of its forms, but also important that we get the space and time to address it. All of that should be done publicly,” he added.

“A transparent system, both in policy and operations, is the right way to earn trust. Whether it’s owned by a company or an open protocol doesn’t matter _as much as_ deliberately deciding to be open about every decision and why it was made. It’s not easy to do, but it must happen.”

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