Quiz: How well do you know the United Kingdom?

How well do you know the United Kingdom?


Which of these mysterious monuments are in the UK? Choose 3!

What is the largest lake in England?

Which of these books are from UK writers? Choose 3!

Alnwick Castle in Northumberland has been featured in a number of films and TV shows. Which of the following was not shot there?

Choose the UNESCO site that is NOT in London!

Choose the wrong sentence!

How long is the hill used for Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling event?

Which one of these dog breeds is NOT banned in the country?

There is a story about an English man who coined a verb. Which word?

Try again! We are sure you can do better. Maybe you can ask for help to your friends?

Well done! You really know the United Kingdom. How about your friends? Challenge them!

Perfect! The United Kingdom has no secret for you. What are you waiting for? Challenge your friends and see their scores!

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