Couple Claim They Were From Booted From Plane Because They Support Trump

A couple were recently removed from a JetBlue aircraft in West Palm Beach, Florida, before takeoff after they allegedly used “racist” and “homophobic” taunts against flight attendants and the other passengers, while also claiming a bias against them for being “Trump supporters.”

The 3-minute video, via TikTok, has already attracted more than 5 million views as of Tuesday night.

The clip begins with a woman having an apparent argument with a flight attendant.

“You don’t like the words coming out of my mouth? No words, no words. Free speech is dead,” she told the employee, adding that they would not get off the plane.

“Do you guys see what’s happening in America?” the woman asked next, turning to other passengers. 

“You didn’t like what [her acquaintance] said, and now we’re getting kicked off a plane, and all of you all are gonna have to wait,” the woman continued, while apparently addressing a masked passenger in the adjacent aisle. “This is [expletive] outrageous. You guys, we’re going to turn into China. It’s coming.”

The woman then praised Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, apparently for his recent $44 billion purchase of Twitter, with the pledge of bringing free speech back to that social platform.

“I love Elon Musk. He is the best. Elon, he is a [expletive] king because the masked people in our row are kicking us off the plane,” the woman said. 

The woman also announced she would sue another passenger and the airline, as her acquaintance quipped that he had “more money” than one of the passengers.

Apart from the “money” taunt,  however, it’s unknown what the man in the blue shirt said prior to the TikTok recording.

At first, when confronted by flight attendants, the couple refused to exit the plane. They even buckled their seat belts after the captain’s audio request to have the couple removed.

“Gene, we’re not getting off,” the woman said, while adding that it was her anniversary.

Eventually, the couple acceded to the attendants’ request to deboard the plane.

Before leaving, however, the woman said: “We got to get off the plane because we’re Trump supporters. Seriously, I really think that’s what it is.”

“If we get off the plane when we did nothing wrong, it makes them right,” she added. “It’s [expletive] wrong.”

Airline travel has been a consistent source of headlines in recent weeks.

On April 18, a federal judge in Florida dismissed the Biden administration’s mask mandate for public transportation, including airline travel.

Two days later, whether coincidence or not, the Federal Aviation Administration announced that its “Zero Tolerance policy against unruly passengers” would remain permanent.

“The FAA implemented the policy on Jan. 13, 2021, after seeing a disturbing increase in unruly passenger incidents,” the release stated. “Under the policy, the FAA issues fines to passengers for unruly behavior instead of warning letters or counseling.”

Also last month, according to Breitbart News, the FAA handed out an $81,950 fine to a plane passenger who allegedly “spit at, headbutted, bit, and tried to kick” the flight crew and other passengers.

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