Russian Ambassador: US Trying to ‘Cancel’ Russia

Russia’s ambassador to the United States told Newsweek on Wednesday that the U.S. was engaging in a “dangerous game” by attempting to “cancel” the entire country of Russia and everyone associated with it.

Ambassador Anatoly Antonov compared what he terms “Russophobia” to the “red scare” led by late Wisconsin Sen. Joseph McCarthy at the outset of the Cold War.

“The United States has been swamped by a wave of Russophobia fueled by the media at the instigation of the ruling circles,” Antonov told the outlet. “The situation has taken the worst forms of the anti-communist paranoia and witch-hunt of the McCarthy era.”

“Even during the Cold War, our nations continued cultural, educational and scientific contacts,” he continued. “I just hope that common sense will prevail and help end the dangerous game of canceling Russia, bordering on the ideas of racial superiority.”

Antonov further claimed that the wave of hostility towards Russia was motivated by geopolitical reasons, specifically an effort to turn the country into a pariah.

“The unprecedentedly wide-spreading campaign to cancel everything Russian is accompanied by baseless and sweeping accusations against our country aimed at creating an image of Russia as an outcast,” the senior diplomat said.

The harsh comments from Antonov come a day after the U.S. House approved $40 billion in new aid to Ukraine requested by the Biden administration, NBC News reported.

The measure, which is $7 billion more than the White House had asked for, now heads to the Senate, where concerns over the inclusion of domestic COVID funding may delay the package, according to CNBC.

“This aid has been critical to Ukraine’s success on the battlefield. We cannot allow our shipments of assistance to stop while we await further congressional action,” Biden said in defense of the package Monday.

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