Sen. Cruz Slams NYTimes for Roe v. Wade Column: ‘Racist Leftists’

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, on Friday ripped New York Times columnist Adam Liptak for suggesting overturning Roe v. Wade could potentially put same-sex marriage at risk.

Liptak in the Times’ piece, published last week, argued that the opinion of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito Jr. in a leaked draft opinion that would overturn the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade decision “said a right to abortion cannot be found in the Constitution or inferred from its provisions.”

“The same could be said, using the draft opinion’s general reasoning, for contraception, gay intimacy and same-sex marriage,” he added.

Cruz, during Friday’s episode of “The Verdict with Ted Cruz,” called the opinion “garbage.”

“The New York Times went so far. The editorial board of The New York Times suggested that there were multiple states in the union that if they were allowed to, would ban interracial marriage. What utter garbage!” he said.

“You, bigoted, moronic, Manhattan leftist, elite lying sacks of crap!” Cruz yelled.

“How do you really feel?” co-host Michael Knowles asked jokingly.

“Yeah, it, it kind of pisses me off,” Cruz admitted. “And I would note, by the way, that these racist leftists of The New York Times, there may be no one on planet earth, whom they despise more than Justice Clarence Thomas.”

“Right,” Knowles said.

“He is in an interracial marriage. I suspect Clarence Thomas would be quite surprised if he were doing something to strike down interracial marriage, but the only people who imagine interracial marriage is gonna be struck down is radical leftists, because they’ve never actually met a conservative voter,” Cruz said.

“So they think we’re all right, bigoted Klansmen. But here’s the tell on this, when the Democrats and the press are not defending their positions on abortion, it’s because they know their positions on abortion are wildly out of the mainstream,” Cruz added.

He concluded, “So anytime you hear them talking about contraception or marriage it’s because they’re trying to change the subject.”

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