Buffalo Shooting Suspect Planned to Continue Rampage Outside: Police

The suspected gunman in the Buffalo, New York, supermarket shooting that left 10 people dead planned to continue his rampage down the street, it was reported Monday.

Payton Gendron, 18, livestreamed when he opened fire in the parking lot of Tops Friendly Market on Saturday afternoon and continued shooting inside the store while dressed in tactical gear, police said.

He then surrendered to police after what authorities called an act of “racially motivated violent extremism.”

Eleven of 13 people who were shot were Black, and police said there could have been more victims if the suspect hadn’t been stopped.

“We have uncovered information that if he escaped the [Tops] supermarket, he had plans to continue his attack,” Buffalo Police commissioner Joseph Gramaglia said on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

“He had plans to continue driving down Jefferson Ave. to shoot more Black people … possibly go to another store [or] location.”

Gramaglia told CNN there was “some documentation” the suspect had plans possibly for a shooting at “another large superstore.”

Gendron pleaded not guilty Saturday night to a charge of first-degree murder, Buffalo City Court Chief Judge Craig Hannah told CNN. The district attorney said he expected to file more charges.

The assault-style rifle used in the attack was legally purchased in New York, a senior law enforcement official said, NBC News reported. A hunting rifle and a shotgun were also found at the scene.

The suspect also had multiple 30-round magazines, which are illegal in New York.

The gunman killed several people in the parking lot before entering the store, where he exchanged gunfire with an armed security guard, who was killed. The suspect shot several more people inside, before exiting and surrendering to police.

Gendron, suspected of traveling nearly 200 miles from his home to commit the attack, allegedly had written a racist manifesto before the rampage.

Police said it appeared Gendron had been in Buffalo on Friday – “We have him through our license plate reader technology,” Gramaglia said Monday — to do some reconnaissance.

Gendron was in custody without bail and under suicide watch. If convicted, he faces a maximum of life in prison without parole.

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