Undercover Video Shows Senior Twitter Engineer Admit That Platform ‘Doesn’t Believe in Free Speech’

A couple of days ago, Elon Musk issued a warning, stating that Twitter users were being manipulated by the company’s algorithm.

However, he made a point of saying that it wasn’t necessarily malice in the algorithm, but rather, that because of the way that it’s designed, it inadvertently manipulates people. But is that really the case?

An undercover video that was obtained by the journalists at Project Veritas appears to paint a very different picture.

Specifically, the undercover video that was just released shows a senior engineer at Twitter telling the undercover journalist that, for one, Twitter does not believe in free speech; secondly, many of the employees are left of center, socialist, and even communist; and thirdly, that many of them hate Elon Musk’s capitalist takeover of the company.

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