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Be an international travel agent.

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With everyone and their mother trying to squeeze in previously postponed trips over the next couple of months, the travel industry is experiencing some kind of renaissance. But many of these revenge tourists had also forgotten the ABCs of traveling after putting their plans on the back burner for years, so they need all the guidance they can get to make every subsequent adventure a successful one.

If you consider yourself a travel expert, why not consider putting your skills to good use? People will always want to travel, so there will always be a constant need for travel agents. With this career, not only will you get to be your own boss, but it also allows you to see the world at the same time, all in the guise of work. The 2022 Ultimate Travel Bundle can help kick off your career, and for a limited time, you can get it on sale for 98 percent off.

Whether you’re an aspiring travel agent or just wish to brush up on essential travel skills, the 2022 Ultimate Travel Bundle will fill you in on what you need to know. Spearheaded by Alpha Academy, an online learning platform that delivers the best e-learning experiences, this training collection packs seven courses, all of which are put together to help you travel like a pro.

It comes equipped with three language learning courses, which would get you up to speed with your preferred language, including Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, German, and more. If your photography skills had become rusty, there’s also a smartphone photography and street photography class, where you’ll learn how to compose and edit Instagram-worthy snaps. 

Of course, there are also two jam-packed courses that revolve around being a travel agent and consultant, which would supply you with the skills and knowledge needed to realize your dreams of becoming an international travel agent. 

All these courses are available for access at any time, whether you’re on a desktop or mobile. You can also learn at your own pace, freeing you from the outside pressure brought about by traditional classes.

The 2022 Ultimate Travel Bundle typically costs $2079, but you can get it on sale for $29.99.


The 2022 Ultimate Travel Bundle – $29.99

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