‘Papa John’ Schnatter to Newsmax: Biden Is ‘Just a Bad Leader,’ Needs To Be Replaced

Papa John’s founder John Schnatter told Newsmax on Thursday that President Joe Biden is proving to be “just a bad leader” amid skyrocketing gas prices and inflation.

“If your neighbor loses their job, it’s called a recession. If you lose your job, it’s called a depression. And if Biden loses his job, it’s called a recovery,” Schnatter said during his appearance on “Rob Schmitt Tonight.”

“This guy is just a bad leader … you combine that with an ideology that is just dark. It’s a win at all costs — no regard for humanity — and it causes suffering on the people that make our country great, the middle class.

“When people are done wrong, it’s just not right,” he continued. “… and what this administration has done to the middle class, the backbone of our country, is just absolutely horrific.”

Schnatter further stated that the Democratic Party had abandoned the working class, once the party’s heart, with Republicans now leading the charge in defending their interests. That change has made him remain hopeful about the future.

“People see what’s going on,”Schnatter asserted. “You know, in the Great Depression, you didn’t know what was going on in D.C. We [now] know what’s going on in D.C. every minute of the day.

“So, the amount of damage this ideology and this president have done: police, border, Afghanistan, not protecting Supreme Court justices, inflation, putting small business out of business. I mean, it’s just so bad, and I don’t see it getting any better with this leader.”

The Papa John’s founder said he believes Republicans will win in the November midterms and eventually replace Biden in 2024. He emphasized to host Rob Schmitt that “you never want to lose hope.”

“The light at the end of the tunnel is Americans; Americans raised by the Greatest Generation, people who fought for this country in World War II, they’re the backbone,” Schnatter stated. “They know right from wrong.”


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